Figure 4.

Radial probability densities and the correction factor C. The radial probability distribution, ρB, before interaction with A (green), and after (blue). The blue distribution evolves to the green distribution after one step of diffusion. The probability of interaction is shown in black. The probability of interaction as given by the corrected Smoluchowski approach of Andrews and Bray is also shown in red (P(r) = 1 for r <σb). Four timesteps are shown: Δt = 0.1s, 0.01s, 0.001s, 0.0001s. The correction factors and corrected Smoluchowski binding radii, σb, corresponding to the different timesteps are also shown, k = 106 M-1s-1, and DA = DB = 1 μm2s-1.

Tournier et al. Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2006 1:25   doi:10.1186/1748-7188-1-25
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